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Buying succulents online in Europe : a review

Buying succulents online can be a nerve racking experience. You never really know what your hard
earned money is going to get you but if you live somewhere like me where succulents can be hard to
source than online is your only option.

Recently I received a delivery from sunnyplants a small business in the Netherlands formed by a succulent loving husband and wife team. From their home they grow a huge array of succulents and cacti, many of the varieties I hadn't even heard of before. They also sell a wonderful range of Lithops and other Mesembs, something that I find particularly difficult to source here in Ireland. They even sell seeds if you fancy growing your plants from scratch!

The great thing about sunnyplants is that they focus on small succulents, stem and leaf cuttings at small prices that means that you can expand your collection to your hearts content without breaking the bank!

My delivery from the Netherlands took about 5 days to get to Ireland. The plants all came we…

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