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How to care for lithops

Lithops are a type of succulent plant, they are part of the ice plant family. Lithops are also referred to as living stones because of their resemblance to small stones. This resemblance to stones is a clever camouflage technique to prevent them from being eaten in their native southern African dry, gravelly, rocky plains.   Because of their native habitat, they need very different care to most succulents. Lithops make delightful little houseplants though and once their watering is taken care of they are a very easy-care plant. Lithops need a lot of sun to keep them compact and show their colours to the full. In Ireland, this means a South facing windowsill would be ideal but if you live somewhere closer to the equator with stronger afternoon sun morning sun and filtered light throughout the afternoon would be best. As with all succulents when you first buy them make sure to slowly acclimatise them to brighter afternoon sun to prevent burning. When picking what to plant y

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