When things go wrong: Watering succulents

Colourful succulent cuttings plants
I get many dms on my instagram from people who are wondering why their plants aren't thriving and how to fix it.

9/10 times the problem is watering, mostly over watering. So how can you tell if you have given your plants too much water?

One early sign of over watering in your succulents is leaves falling off at the slightest touch. Consider this an early warning alarm. Stop watering at this point and allow your succulent to completely dry out before watering again.

If your leaves are yellow, translucent or dying this means your plant is water logged and dying. At this point inspect the stem of your plant, if you see any black/blue spots you need to act straight away. In this situation pull off all the leaves that are translucent/mushy and cut the stem above the black spots, make sure none remain and leave your plant to dry out for a few days. Once the stem has calloused over you can start again by putting it in soil.

If you find no black/blue spots take your succulent out of the wet soil and and allow it to dry out completely before planting again in dry soil. This might be a good point to consider the type of soil you are using and figure out if it is draining well enough.

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