How to care for Fittonia - Nerve Plant

Fittonia is also known as Nerve Plants or Mosaic Plants are a houseplant that is popular for its colourful veined foliage. Fittonia is a low growing plant, typically growing between 3 and 6 inches tall and has a 12-18 inch spread.

How to take care of your Fittonia


Fittonia is fine with easily available peaty compost mixes. Repot annually in Spring or early Summer.


In nature, Fittonia grows under the shade of rainforests so it prefers similar conditions when grown in your home. A bright place out of the indirect sun will work well.


Fittonia are prone to dramatic wilting if they are left without water, they usually revive very well once given a drink but repeated neglect will take its toll. If they are left sitting in soil that is too wet the leaves will turn yellow and the roots may rot. With all of this in mind keep your Fittonia moist but not sopping.

Fittonia Care, Nerve Plant Care


Fittonia are lovers of high humidity. You can mist regularly to up the humidity. Their love of humidity also makes them ideal terrarium plants.


To keep your Fittonia looking it’s best pinching off the tips if it grows leggy will keep it full and bushy.

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